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A Stunning East Village Day

A few weeks ago my Dad was in town and he is a bad influence. While I want to obsess about real estate transactions, real estate transactions, sports, my fitness, and real estate transactions, he wants to talk about history, eat good food, and waste time with so called interesting people. To mollify him we went to my Barber Jay, and then to B&H Dairy, which this week was notable in that it did not explode. So another time we will talk about B&H and my Dad, and his telling of the Jewish history of Second Ave, the East Village, the LES. My Dad is an NYC Jew, just like myself, my sister Yoshi, and B&H Dairy, the best place for blintzes, whose tagline is CHALLAH! por favor. This is important to point out. To me- hearing about my ancestors struggles and immigrant experience, has always been a source of pride – and it is a heritage that is inquisitive, open minded, and appreciative of diversity. I sell a lot of real estate in the East Village. Josh Rubin and I are among the … [Read More...]

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The Sexiest Thing Happening Behind Closed Doors

Text from my friend’s girlfriend: Dave!! The company I work for is having a benefit tomorrow and a showing, its 7 – 9pm , 25$ but drinks and food and music, cool peeps. I’m making XXXX come, but he would probably enjoy it better if you came hahah!! And there will dancer hot ladies!! Please say you’ll come!! :):):) So… I went. My buddy meets me and looks like a million bucks, which is cool, and I’m not dressed as nice, but nice enough. We sprint to get there by 7:00, find the building, and once inside are told directions by a stunning woman in an otherwise blah lobby, and take the elevator up to a high floor, where we get out in a non-descript hallway, make a few turns, and find more stunning / sexy / pierced / cleverly shaved and fit people sitting in a hall, and we then proceed to wait. After some time the door opens on to the physical headquarters of Sidra Bell Dance New York, and we enter. I use the words physical headquarters because Dance can truly … [Read More...]

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